The Root Brands - All You Need To Know

Root and especially the flagship product „Clean Slate“ are now widely used in serveral countries. Here are some points that make the product and the company so unique.

ÔÇťBetter lives and better bodies.ÔÇŁ

Root products at a glance

100% natural ingredients: Water, primordial minerals, vitamin C, silicon dioxide (clinoptilolite zeolite).

100% natural ingredients: curcumin, resveratrol, D-roibose, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera powder, black cumin oil, and many more.

100% natural ingredients: vitamin D, caffeine, green tea extract, beach pine extract, turmeric root extract, and more.

Who is behind Root?

Chief Science Officer


Dr. Christina Rahm has an extraordinary mind and a passion for helping others. Her Native American and Eastern European heritage influenced her approach to health and wellness, as did her diverse education at Cornell and Harvard Universities in nanotechnology, pharmaceutical management, nutrition, education, philosophy, and a Master of Science degree. Dr. Rahm has worked as a medical, clinical and research scientist in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and biotechnology industries for Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, Biogen Idec/Biogen, UCB, Bristol Meyers Squibb and Alexion. She has also worked on the corporate side for Pfizer, Biogen, and Janssen, and is currently Chair of the International Science Nutrition Society and Chief Science Officer for ROOT Wellness.

Frequently asked questions

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Clinoptilolite is a naturally occurring volcanic mineral, similar to quartz, with a unique honeycomb cage structure with a negative charge that has the ability to naturally bind and trap a variety of environmental toxins. There are over 80 different types of zeolites, of which clinoptilolite has proven to be the most effective and useful. Not only for consumption, but also for environmental remediation, radioactive site remediation, as cat litter, water filters, and much more. You have had clinoptilolite in your life for a long time and just weren’t aware of it. Clinoptilolite has been used for thousands of years. Clinoptilolite is known as nature’s most powerful detoxifier and has the unique ability to remove many different toxins and chemicals from the environment. ROOT has developed a proprietary mechanism that allows clinoptilolite to remove these toxins from your environment. Klinoptilolite acts like a molecular sieve that is very specific for heavy metals and toxins, viral particles and others such as glyphosate and enriched uranium. When clinoptilolite passes through the body in its CleanSlate form, it binds toxins, heavy metals, allergens and other harmful substances in its cage structure, allowing passive elimination from the body through urine. CleanSlate is a solution of nanotized clinoptilolite fragments produced by a patent-pending process that cleans the cages and breaks down clinoptilolite’s natural honeycomb cage structure into much smaller fragments capable of penetrating cell membranes.

– can help with weight loss by eliminating toxins from fat – can improve hair and nail growth – can improve cognitive function – can improve vision and hearing – can improve energy – can eliminate symptoms of disease by eliminating the underlying cause – can help regulate blood pressure – can support healthy blood sugar levels – can improve the function of organs such as kidneys, liver, pancreas and others – can improve cardiovascular health – can improve nutrient absorption – can increase cellular hydration – can make you feel fantastic – can support the reduction of negative inflammation by eliminating the root cause of problems.

Because of its beneficial properties, Clean Slate is recommended as the foundation of your wellness program, even if you feel like you don’t need it. We are all toxic, Clean Slate is your passive cleaning machine. Just as you are always cleaning your house or apartment and changing your air filters, washing your sheets, cleaning your kitchen, and so on, Clean Slate is your internal housekeeper. Although Clean Slate’s label recommends it for adults only, our families of all ages use it with great success. You are the boss in your household. You make the decisions that determine how well your family can do. We choose to clean our little ones just as we clean our adults. We also recommend that you consult your doctor or family physician before using the product.

Clean Slate is intended as a long-term passive detoxification mechanism. Since you are constantly exposed to toxins on a daily basis, it may make sense to have Clean Slate in or on your body at all times. After a few years of consistent use, your need may decrease as your body becomes better able to handle the environment. You may find that 5-10 drops of Clean Slate twice daily will form the basis of your plan for ensuring a healthy life.

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